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Sharon Brown, Advisory Council

S Sharon Brown

Dr. Franz Camenzind, Advisory Council

D Dr. Franz Camenzind

Bernadine Craft, Advisory Council

B Bernadine Craft

Melissa Groo, Advisory Council

M Melissa Groo

Asher Jay, Advisory Council

A Asher Jay

Penny Maldonado, Advisory Council

P Penny Maldonado

Whitney Royster, Advisory Council

W Whitney Royster

Ashleigh Scully, Advisory Council

A Ashleigh Scully

Gary L. Shockey, Advisory Council

G Gary L. Shockey

Peggy Struhsacker, Advisory Council

P Peggy Struhsacker


Aska Langman

  • Executive Director

Aska has been involved in animal welfare work for over 10 years. Over the years she has spent her time in the veterinary field caring for wildlife in South Africa and domestic animals in Teton Valley. Through her work with Wyoming Untrapped, Aska hopes to create a society that is kinder and more compassionate to all animals.

Aska was recently featured in a short film to raise awareness for PAWS of Jackson Hole.  Click here to see the film

Contract Staff

Photo of Jen Jellen

Jen Jellen

  • Beaver Restoration Project

Jennifer Jellen is a founder and principal of Granite Canyon Consulting, a local company that specializes in non-profit management and scientific research for the conservation community. Jen came to Jackson seven years ago after completing her graduate training in the University of Chicago’s department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology. Her scientific work focuses on landscape genetics and the practical restoration of large-scale habitats, especially wetlands. She has previously worked with a number of conservation organizations including Teton Raptor Center, the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, the Field Museum of Natural History, and the Illinois Natural History Survey. She is also a partner in Teton Skies, a science outreach company that specializes in reconnecting visitors with astronomy and the wonders of the night sky.

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