Board of Directors

Lisa Robertson

  • President (Co-Founder)

Lisa is a co-founder of Wyoming Untrapped.  She has been involved with land and wildlife conservation projects for more than 30 years. She pilots her small Cessna aircraft, from which she takes big-picture images of the landscape to document wild places, often those at risk. She has provided pro-bono aerial radio telemetry and monitoring for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wolf Recovery Project and for various non-profit organizations, agencies and individuals researching and documenting populations of wolves, grizzlies, cougars, coyotes, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, moose, lynx, owls, falcons and other birds.

“Wyoming’s wildlife management is not keeping pace with our modern society’s shifting views on the intrinsic value of our wildlife,” she says. “Programs and agencies need to transform to engage and serve broader constituencies, which will create a safe and humane environment for all our people, pets and wildlife. It’s time.”

Ann Smith

  • Vice President

Ann Smith is a business owner and Realtor who has been at the forefront of animal welfare issues in the community. She has been a board member of various local non-profits, and was recently featured by PAWS of Jackson Hole (which she founded) in a short video with her dog, Bandit.

Debbie Reis

  • (Co-Founder)

Debbie Reis is a Wyoming Untrapped co-founder, and conservation advocate who heads our trap-release workshops. She has been a board member and Events Coordinator for the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and a volunteer with other valley organizations. An admirer of the late Mardy Murie, Debbie was honored to meet Mardy at her 101st birthday party and came away aspiring to be the type of person who made a difference. She has volunteered for St. John’s Living Center, the National Museum of Wildlife Art and the Conservation Alliance, and supports a host of animal and human rights organizations.

By working with Wyoming Untrapped, Debbie hopes to inspire others to join and help create a safe and humane environment for people, pets and wildlife. “We all deserve to feel save when hiking on our public lands,” she says.

Marjorie Pettus

  • Secretary

Marjie Pettus worked in government for nearly three decades and is well-equipped to educate people on trapping practices and laws. She has focused on the economic value of wildlife in the ecosystem, and on ways to protect vulnerable wild and domestic animals from antiquated trapping practices. An avid reader, hiker and camper.

Bruce Thompson

A life-long educator, Bruce is passionate about letting wild landscapes “surprise, engage and motivate” coexistence. He operates a natural science education business throughout the Intermountain West, with clients including The Smithsonian Institution and The Nature Conservancy. His work inspires people to see the interdependencies between wild places and their myriad occupants.

Advisory Council

  • Sharon Brown
  • Dr. Franz Camenzind
  • Senator Bernadine Craft,  D-Rock Springs
  • Melissa Groo
  • Asher Jay
  • Penelope Maldonado
  • Ann Nelson
  • Whitney Royster
  • Ashleigh Scully
  • Gary L. Shockey
  • Peggy Struhsacker


Kristin Combs, M.Ed., M.S.

Kristin Combs came to Wyoming Untrapped in the Winter of 2016.. She holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science and natural resource management, and two Master’s degrees in Education and Science Education. Kristin also worked as a middle school biology teacher and an environmental science faculty member. It is her connection with wildlife and wild places that energizes her work.

“It is my goal to speak out for the voiceless and right the wrongs faced by animals in our human-dominated world,” she says. “When we see animals as pests, it’s easy to turn to lethal methods for control. When we start to see animals as neighbors, we can look to prevention and non-lethal practices to co-exist.”

Kristin also points to the prevention of conflicts with wildlife as the most cost-effective solution to co-existence. When she isn’t crunching numbers or out in the field gathering data on beavers, Kristin is an avid reader, craft beer aficionado, traveler, hiker and bird watcher.

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