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Plea Deal Reached in Minnesota Illegal Trapping Case

A loss of trapping privileges for one year, two years probation, and a $2,500 fine are all the punishment a man will receive for setting at least 638 illegal snares in Minnesota in connection with one of the largest cases of illegal trapping in the country. Douglas A. Marana will receive this punishment as part of a plea deal while the other man, Roderick R. Kottom, charged with the same crimes is scheduled to appear in court at the end of July.

Douglas A. Marana, 70, of Chisholm, pleaded guilty Monday in St. Louis County District Court to all four charges against him: illegally taking or possessing pine marten, otter, fisher or wolverine, a gross misdemeanor; two misdemeanor counts, failing to attend to snares and making the loops too large; failing to properly place identification tags on the snares, a petty misdemeanor.”

Conservation officers found 17 foxes, two fisher, five snowshoe hares, and one deer in the snares. A wolf was also found in one of the men’s snares in 2014. This plea deal really illustrates what little value non-game species like furbearers are given in this country.  All wildlife should have the same value with some not being worth more than others.

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