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Pregnant Coyote Caught in Leghold Trap Gives Birth While Trapped

The Wild Heart Ranch rescues pregnant animals from traps time after time, some with their babies, as in this incident. This coyote and her pups will survive, but with active traps out on public land every day, we will never know how many animals suffer extreme trauma, pain, and eventually death due to these archaic and barbaric devices.

Wild Heart Ranch

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Here is the mother coyote and one of her pups. Please share if you can. Greg

Mom and four babies are doing excellent. She is allowing us to change her bedding and food pans without any aggression. She is wary, but she understands that she is vulnerable and her babies are vulnerable and we mean her no harm. After what she has been through, the desperation and fear of her situation, I think she is feeling safe and secure in her giant covered crate (den). She hasnt missed a meal yet, and the pups are nursing with enthusiasm.
Her leg wound is healing. It wasnt fresh when she came in. About three days old, just like the pups. So far she is keeping it clean, swelling is down and no sign of infection, so we can let her continue and not put her through that trauma.
I was checking her crate when I found her like this. I called Greg over to get the shot. You can see in her eyes she is wary, but not afraid. Somehow, they just know.
Mom and pups will soon be relocated to a safe den on property where traps are never used and coyote are welcome, where she can finish raising her brood herself. We are giving mom a chance to pack on extra body fat and the pups some time to get strong in case she doesnt like our spot and has to move them. She’s a good mother and she has earned the right to be one. We will keep this family together and interfere as little as possible.
Thanks for caring about this story. Regardless of how some may feel about the coyote, you cannot deny the power of a mother’s love, and her plight to keep her babies safe. We will ensure that happens for her.



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