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Woman Goes to Fox Farm for Fur Coat, Gets Pet Instead

A woman in Russia was taken to a fox farm so she could pick out the type of fur she wanted for her new coat — but she ended up leaving with a new pet instead!

Natalia Gaintseva’s husband, Aleks, thought it would be a great idea to let his dearly beloved go to a farm in Barnaul and choose an animal that would end up giving its life for the horrible price of vanity, Europics reports.

Little did he know was that it would be love at first sight for his wife and the adorable critter.

“When I saw her cowering at the back of the cage, I felt really sorry for her and couldn’t possibly imagine wearing her,” Gaintseva said. “She really was a beautiful little fox looking up at me with her gorgeous big eyes.”

The 38-year-old said her friends didn’t know what to think when she told them how she gave her new pet fox, Kiryusha, a stay of execution.

“I’d much rather buy her and release her than have her killed and wear her,” she said. “Not now that I had seen her alive.”

When she realized the tiny fox had been taken from her mother at a very young age and probably wouldn’t last in the wild, she decided to keep the pet for herself.

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