Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Freedom to Roam

Help us ensure a future with freedom for all Wyoming’s residents: people, pets, and wildlife that roam on our public lands.

After a year of unprecedented loss, confinement, and restrictions we have all regained a new appreciation for our freedoms. Freedom to socialize with friends and family, travel and experience the great outdoors, and live without constant fear. But these freedoms do not extend to all our wild neighbors. Celebrate this independence day by sharing our mission and join us to cultivate freedom in all wild places!

Together we can create a future where inhumane trapping is unimaginable.

Cinematographer and Editor: Noah Waldron,

Cover Photo: Gerry Scully

Gerry Scully
Sam Parks
Jacob Krank
Thomas D. Mangelsen
Bill Sincavage
Karen Hanson
Kerry Singleton
Suzi Eszterhas
Jonathan Selkowitz
Lisa Robertson

Thanks to all of our incredible photographers for their ongoing support of our mission and love of wildlife!