Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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  • Traps Kill Family’s Three St. Bernards Near Garden Creek, Casper, Wyoming

    Three St Bernards were caught and killed in  snares, Casper, WY. The snare traps are set about knee high on poles buried in sage brush, and have cable loop around the pole that will grip what goes in it, Savannah said. “If you pull on that cable loop, it will suck whatever you pull into it, and if you fight it will just get tighter and tighter and tighter. So it will choke you out if you get your head in there.”
  • Wyoming Game and Fish to Trap Wolves Throughout Spring and Fall 2014

    Wyoming Game & Fish will be TRAPPING and collaring wolves throughout the spring and fall for monitoring purposes. Signs will be posted in the trapping areas. In addition, unlimited traps (license not required) are legal on 85% of Wyoming public lands every single day of the year. To keep your companion animals safe, use a leash. Learn how to release your pet from a leghold, snare, and conibear trap. Always carry a leash and wire cutters when hiking. For more information, please watch our trap release video:
  • Pet Trap Release Workshop

    The Humane Society of the United States Director of Wildlife Innovations and Response Dave Pauli will show you how to free your pet from the wide range of traps increasingly found along many hiking trails.