Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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  • Alpine, Wyoming Men Cited for Trapping Violations

    Two Alpine, WY men were cited for trapping violations. Buckner was charged with trapping while his hunting privileges were suspended, as well as trying to take wildlife from a public roadway. Permann was charged with trying to take wildlife from a public roadway and with being an accessory to "trapping under suspension." We are monitoring this incident closely. Wyoming Untrapped is getting the message out there that the public will not tolerate illegal trapping, and that the few antiquated regulations must be reformed. Our people, pets and wildlife deserve a safe and humane environment on all public lands!
  • Pet Trap Release Workshop

    The Humane Society of the United States Director of Wildlife Innovations and Response Dave Pauli will show you how to free your pet from the wide range of traps increasingly found along many hiking trails.