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Join us in Washington, DC, June 26, to rally for the end of wildlife torture!

We are rallying in Washington, D.C., to demand stronger protections for wolves and other wildlife following a horrific incident involving Cody Roberts, who tortured and killed a young wolf in Wyoming. Despite the brutality of his actions, Roberts faced only minimal legal repercussions, highlighting the inadequacy of current animal cruelty laws.
On June 26, 2024, a coalition of wildlife organizations and individuals will gather on Capitol Hill to seek strong protections for wolves and urge Congress to enact stricter laws against animal cruelty. The rally, part of the #cryforthewild campaign, emphasizing the need for comprehensive protections under the Endangered Species Act and federal law to prevent future atrocities. Wolves are vital to maintaining healthy ecosystems, and their protection is essential for ecological balance and biodiversity. And they, like all native wildlife, deserve to be shielded from unwarranted killing and torture.  
For current details to join the rally in DC on June 26:
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Our Beaver Dam Cam reveals why beavers are keystone species, meaning they create habitat necessary for other species’ survival. Unfortunately, beavers are trapped and killed for recreation or because they are considered a nuisance. The removal of beavers from the landscape negatively impacts many other plants, wildlife, and fish species.

Beaver Dam Cam
Snare Aware Wyoming
Beavers: Eco-Engineers
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Bobcat Economic Value Study
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Each year the Jackson Hole community votes to recognize the best businesses, organizations, and individuals. We’re honored to have won SILVER in 2024 and BRONZE in 2022 for the Best Nonprofit in the valley through Best of Jackson Hole. Thank you!

Bobcat Economic Value Study

What is a Yellowstone Bobcat Worth? $308K!

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Wyoming Trapping Incidents

Tens of thousands of animals are trapped and snared in Wyoming every single year! Many are unreported.

These numbers represent only the trapped animals reported by less than 30% of trappers in Wyoming from 2008 to 2023. For every trap, we believe one to three non-target animals may be trapped. Every animal and bird of prey is a possible victim.















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