Trapping Incidents

At Present, Trappers are not Required to Report Dogs Caught in Their Traps. We know of 80+ dogs that have been reported caught in traps in WY since 2000. Three of these, all belonging to the same family, died. Seven of the 80 were in Teton County. There could be many more out there, but no official record exists.

How to Release Your Pet from a Trap

Be aware that traps are out there every day of the year in Wyoming! If you see a trap or your dog is caught in one of these devices, know what to do! You can reduce conflict by being aware of the recommendations in this video – it may save your dog’s life.

Trap Safety for Pet Owners

Keeping your dog safe is your responsibility. If a pet is caught accidentally in a trap or snare, it may be possible to remove it without injury. The key is to follow the steps outlined in this brochure quickly and calmly. You should understand how to remove a trap or snare before you head outside, but take this brochure with you for field reference. A dog or other animal caught in a trap or snare may be extremely agitated, and may try to bite those who come near. Your ability to reassure and calm your pet is critical to a successful release.

Download Trap Safety Brochure


2021 – Virtual Live Webinar
September 15 – Online – Presentation via Jackson

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September 23 – Jackson
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Stay Tuned for Upcoming Workshops

First Wilson, WY workshop

When we broke the mold in Wyoming!

Wyoming Untrapped hosted our first trap release workshop in Wilson, WY on September 4, 2014. Dave Pauli, Director of Wildlife Innovations for the Humane Society of the US, showed participants how to protect/remove pets from traps/snares.

This workshop was made possible through the generosity of our partners: PAWS of JH, Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, The Cougar Fund, Art Appraisals of JH, Humane Society of the US, Spring Creek Animal Hospital, and various individual volunteers and donors.

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Trap Release Workshop