About Engagement Through Film

Certain species are trapped on public land without limit, population study, or monitoring of capture or kill rates. These animals are critical to healthy environments, economies, and the mitigation of climate change effects, such as wildfires.

Our Engagement Through Film program includes the development of five, 1.5-minute film clips, each featuring an animal that is trapped without limit or population monitoring. The clips highlight the critical role the species plays and how unlimited trapping of this animal adversely affects us all.

Trapping and conservation issues can feel overly complicated and difficult in a time when we are already overwhelmed. For this and other reasons, making information available doesn’t ensure that people will see it, much less retain it or choose to engage in the issue. As we sought to increase engagement, we carefully considered data-supported engagement options, and specifically options recommended in the time of COVID and renewed attention to diversity and inclusion. The result is our Engagement Through Film Program.

Exceptional partners give wings to great ideas. Thank you all!

Anonymous Donor Seed Gift

When this program was just an idea, a community member who wishes to remain anonymous made a $1,000 donation to get us started. That donation was enough to produce our first clip about the American Beaver. That clip was included in our funding applications, helping us to secure additional partners.

Lush Cosmetics: Charity Pot

In 2007, Lush Cosmetics created their Charity Pot Body Lotion to make a difference in the world and support those working on the frontlines for human rights, animal protection and environmental justice. The idea was simple; with every pot sold, 100 percent of the price is donated to grassroots organizations. Since its launch, Lush customers have bought over 3.5 million Charity Pots, raising an incredible $50 million for 1,850 projects in North America and another 950 around the world.

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Competitive Grant Program

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Competitive Grants Program strategically supports local organizations addressing Teton County, Wyoming’s community needs. Funding decisions are made by their dedicated volunteer Grants Committee made up of community members with diverse interests and experience.

Beavers: Eco-Engineers

Beaver eco-engineers enrich the health of Wyoming’s landscape, building wetland habitats for many plants and animals such as fish, birds, and amphibians. Beaver dams control water flows and quality benefitting all life downstream, including humans. Beavers help us fight drought, wildfires, and flooding, and the ravages of climate change all while creating whole dynamic ecosystems. But their future is at risk. Trapping of beavers changes the landscape. Beavers need our protection, after all, they are protecting us. We are all interconnected. Please join us to ensure their future, our future, and the future of Wyoming.

Jeff Hogan
Noah Waldron

Directed and Edited:
Noah Waldron


Beaver trapped image:
Born Free USA

Cover image:
Suzi Eszterhas

Ben Goldfarb and his inspiring new book:
“Eager, The Surprising Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter”

American Marten:
Apex Predator of the Forest

The American marten apex predator of the forest canopy, fulfilling a critical role like no other predator. Martens have evolved to thrive in some of the world’s harshest environments, demanding a large hunting territory of up to ten miles just to survive. Trapped to near extinction a century ago, they are at risk again today! Trapping a single marten can have devastating effects on an entire ecosystem. Join us to protect this incredible forest dweller, before they become the ghosts of the pines.

Jeff Hogan
Noah Waldron

Emily Cohen, Jackson, WY

Directed and Edited:
Noah Waldron

Inspirational Piano Arpeggios (Aspire)

Trapped Wyoming marten image:
Wyoming Untrapped