Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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  • Trapping laws on public lands ineffective

    Since mid-November, six dogs became entangled in neck snares or held in terror by foot-hold traps. That is, six cases in an eight-week period. If we broaden the time frame to include February of 2020, less than 12 months ago, we can add another. Except for one, all were on public land and at least half set illegally.
  • Wyoming’s other white-tail

    As the law now stands, they can be shot or trapped year-round. Perhaps we are the only state to abuse native jackrabbits in this way. The agencies call it recreational shooting.
  • Residents who trap need to be responsible

    The modest reforms proffered by Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists, subsequently improved by a majority of the Wyoming Game and Fish commissioners, come before the legislature’s Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee on Dec. 8. If your family likes to walk with dogs in places like Vedauwoo, and you prefer to enjoy the vista rather than scan for snares, now might be a good time to speak up.