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  • Cody, WY Regional Office Beaver Holding Facility

    Beavers play a crucial role in creating healthy habitats throughout Wyoming. From creating a habitat that fosters biodiversity and a wealth of benefits for countless plants and animals to retaining water on an ever-drying landscape, beavers prove their value over and over again. Organizations like Wyoming Untrapped choose to invest in beaver conservation for the future because we know just how crucial healthy wildlife populations are to the livelihood of our landscape in the years to come. Explore plans for a new asset to beaver conservation in Wyoming, a holding facility, and learn why how a resource like this will be utilized for beavers across Wyoming.
  • Beavers are sentient beings

    "I believe beavers are integral to this ecosystem, building and maintaining critical habitat for a host of native species. For what they provide they deserve our admiration and empathy."