The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation in Wyoming
This article from the Wyoming Law Review examines the ‘user-pays’ model of wildlife conservation and how wildlife agencies need more diverse funding sources- including non-consumptive user groups.

While the World Moves On, U.S. Still Caught in Its Traps
The Animal Welfare Institute explains the state of trapping in the U.S. and the ways in which other countries are far ahead of us.

Who Should Pay for Wyoming’s Wildlife
Angus Thuermer Jr. of Wyofile summarizes Wyoming Fish and Game funding, spending, and the current state of wildlife management and it’s politics in the state.

Wolf Hunting and the Ethics of Predator Control
This article from Oxford Handbooks Online examines the soundness and validity of the premises and arguments made for predator hunting.

TRAPPED! In the shadows of wildlife management
This article from PlanetJH is first in a two-part series about Wildlife Services in Wyoming.

COYOTE UGLY:  Wyoming’s legacy of brutality
Second in a two-part series, this article from PlanetJH is about Wyoming’s obsession with hating the coyote.