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Have you experienced a negative trapping incident involving you, your pet, your family, or another living thing?

Please share your story, so that we can help you in whatever way we can and bring the realities of trapping to a broader public. Your personal information will be respected, and you may submit anonymously. Describe the Incident or Story. Include species of animal, type of trapping device, name of dog (if applicable), any injuries incurred by animals or humans involved, medical expenses, and as much additional detail as possible. Also, photos are not required but very helpful. Multiple photos/videos of trap, trap set area, bait, wild animal, dog, injury, or even a picture of your dog without the trap to add a face to your story.

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No agency keeps track of reports of dogs caught in traps. This map is incomplete, but a much-needed record of these incidents. As awareness has increased, WU is learning of more cases where dogs were trapped but the owner had no recourse or engaged officials to report it to. We aim to share those stories here.