Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Beavers – Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers, eco-engineers, enrich the health of Wyoming’s landscape, building wetland habitats for many plants and animals such as fish, birds, and amphibians. Beaver dams control water flows and quality benefiting all life downstream, including humans. Beavers help us fight drought, wildfires, and flooding, and the ravages of climate change all while creating whole dynamic ecosystems. But their future is at risk. Trapping of beavers changes the landscape. Beavers need our protection, after all, they are protecting us. We are all interconnected. Please join us to ensure their future, our future, and the future of Wyoming.

Jeff Hogan
Noah Waldron

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Noah Waldron


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Born Free USA

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Suzi Eszterhas

Ben Goldfarb and his inspiring new book:
“Eager, The Surprising Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter”