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WU launched our “Faces of Wyoming Untrapped” informational ads to raise awareness about all the animals trapped in our state: predators, furbearers, and non-target animals which include birds of prey, our pets, and just about all other animals in the state. Fish can be caught in conibears (quick-kill traps) set in riverbeds. Even cattle have been caught in snares.

Public lands belong to all of us, including wildlife. We should have reasonable expectations of safety in designated trap-free areas.

We need your support to carry this message statewide. Our annual community fundraiser is underway, with our Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities taking place on Saturday September 12. For every dollar we raise up to $25K, the JH Community Foundation will match up to ~50%. This is one of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, and we are lucky that it takes place in our WU hometown. Not only is our WU mission dedicated to people, pets and wildlife, but the fundraiser is as well!

WU is grateful for your support at any level!
PLEASE DONATE to Wyoming Untrapped, and your $ will be matched to the annual percentage applied.
TO DONATE:…/donate-through-old-bills/
CLICK the red DONATE button. Then select Old Bill’s, and enter Wyoming Untrapped.


THANK YOU MR. OLD BILL, Co-Challengers, Friends of the Match, and the Jackson Hole Community Foundation!

Photos courtesy of Thomas Mangelsen, and Kerry Singleton. We thank you!

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