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Trapping Incident: Marten | Jackson, WY

Trap Incident Investigation Report
Date Occurred: November 6, 2014
Location: Near Animal Adoption Center, Jackson WY
Species: Marten
Outcome: Killed
Trap Type: Conibear
Trap Legality: Legal
Legal Outcome: Legal Trap; Legal Action not Possible

A dead marten was found in a conibear trap just off a trail behind the Animal Adoption Center, near Adams Canyon Road in Jackson. The trap was discovered by an Adoption Center volunteer while walking one of the shelter dogs. Volunteers regularly walk shelter dogs on that trail. Wyoming Untrapped responded to take photos and answer questions. A WGFD warden responded and confirmed the trap was legal. The warden used the trap to demonstrate conibear trap release to shelter employees and volunteers. WGFD later contacted the trapper who agreed to move that trap and another to an area away from the Animal Adoption Center.

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