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Relist Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains

In October of 2020, the Trump administration delisted the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act. This was done against the advice of scientists and without Tribal consultation which is required by law.

In response to this delisting, states like Idaho & Montana authorized and are actively encouraging the slaughter of up to 90% of their wolf populations. Wisconsin held a hunt in February that saw 216 wolves killed in one weekend. Many of these hunts allow baiting, snaring, trapping, aerial hunting, night hunting, and other methods of extermination far outside what might be considered “fair chase” hunting.

Relisting of wolves includes the Northern Rocky Mountains wolf populations; Wyoming is one of them. Wolves have been controlled under the radar, and with no limits in over 85% of our state. A “minimum” number of 150 Wyoming wolves, including the national parks, doesn’t fit a progressive modern-day public.
The USFWS will initiate a comprehensive status review to determine whether the petitioned actions are warranted.

“To ensure that the status review is comprehensive, we are requesting scientific and commercial data and other information regarding the species and factors that may affect its status. Based on the status review, we will issue a 12-month petition finding, which will address whether or not the petitioned actions are warranted, in accordance with the Act.” FWS-R6-ES-2021-0106

Only a few days remaining to comment to #relistwolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming! We need all of your voices! Also, please consider sharing and encouraging friends to comment.

Please get involved in the campaign to return wolves under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.


. Wolf observations (presence and absence) will be useful and should include approximate date and location.

. Use Western DPS or Northern Rocky Mountain DPS of wolves when referring to the listing petition.
Remember the USFWS is making a determination based on overutilization from human-caused mortality.

. Try to speak to this topic specifically and how this factor is impacting or has the potential to impact the wolves of the west.

. Use Wyoming wolf management as an example of how no wolves can survive in the predator zone, where regulations are lax and human-caused mortality is guaranteed.

For more details, see
on our WU website.

Please, consider submitting your public comment. Thank you!

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