Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Indiscriminate trapping

All Wyoming wildlife are possible victims of indiscriminate traps. This pronghorn was caught in southwest Wyoming. The trapper says “Have caught lots of antalope…The does aren’t too bad to turn lose, The bucks can be wicked with their horns tho.”

Wyoming regulations
Section 11
(a) All big or trophy game animals, game birds, protected animals or protected birds that are trapped shall be released.
(b) If a big or trophy game animal, game bird, protected animal or raptor is trapped and has been injured in such a way that the injury may result in death of the animal or if the animal has been killed, the trapper shall notify a Department law enforcement officer as soon as is reasonably possible.

The trapper is given the judgment call to determine if the pronghorn will be able to survive with its injuries. Although this one trapper has caught lots of pronghorn, only TWO non-target trapped pronghorn have been reported to WGFD in a two year period 2015-2017, in the Sheridan area of Wyoming. None were reported in the area of this trapper. The status of these released pronghorns is unknown.

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