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Man’s Dog Almost Dies After Being Caught in a Snare

The man said he frantically tried to get his fingers between the snare and the dog’s neck, but it was too tight. He and a neighbor tried to cut the snare with the snipping part of a pair of pliers, but it held fast. Neither man was familiar with a snare, but with time being an issue and Riley letting out shallower and shallower breaths, they were able to figure it out and spring the trap, releasing the dog.

I just felt that if this story could maybe change the opinion of one trapper about using that trapping method, or save one dog’s life, it would make me happy,” he said. “I wouldn’t want anybody to come across what I came across.

Another dog almost killed by a snare, this time in Minnesota. If you are going to be recreating on public lands this spring and summer, take a pair of aircraft cable cutters with you as well as a leash and pair of gloves. Try to be familiar with the types of traps available out there, you may not have much time to save your dog.

Read our Trap Safety for Pet Owners brochure in order to become familiar with the types of traps and how to release them. We will be holding several workshops around the state of Wyoming this year to educate citizens on how to save their dog from a trap. Keep watch on our Facebook page and website for dates and locations.

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