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Update on Dog Shot While in Trap in New Mexico

“Speckles, the one surviving dog from the heinous trapping incident last week, is rehabilitating at home.” (Read the original story online at

“The first few days were rocky. This very injured dog was still under the care of Salazar Road Veterinary Clinic — taking medications to treat his head wound along with pain medications. He was extremely stressed out and disoriented. His prognosis is good, and he is beginning to behave more like himself. He’s still weak, but he is becoming the dog he once was again. The tragic death of Chi Chi is still weighing heavily on Coleen and Mike, the owners of the dog.  The way she suffered and died compounds their grief.”

“The autopsy on the dog that didn’t survive the ordeal, Chi Chi, revealed another disturbing piece of information — the monster who trapped the two dogs also inflicted blunt force trauma on them. In other words, while they were defenseless in his claw traps, he apparently struck them in the head with an object strong enough to cause much damage to the skull.”

“Gabe Maes of the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish is investigating and actively working on this case. The Taos County Sheriff’s Department is also investigating, and at this point the dog’s owners have not heard from the sheriff or his investigator. They will try again this coming week to get information on how the investigation is progressing.”

Members from Animal Protection of New Mexico are looking to get a charge of fourth-degree felony crime against an animal for extreme cruelty in this case if a suspect is found.

Complete story here.

Photo courtesy of Trish Hernandez

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