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The Village of Jemez Springs, New Mexico Successfully Passed a Resolution to Ban Trapping

New Mexico has another victory to report! The village of Jemez Springs successfully passed a resolution to ban trapping. Many thanks to Therese Councilor, Owner of Giggling Springs Spa in Jemez Springs, who introduced the resolution at a village council meeting on May 12th.

Yesterday, James McCue and Therese were at the meeting speaking on behalf of the bill. The Editor in Chief of the local newspaper, The Jemez Thunder, was there and recounted an incident in the area where a fox was trapped and lay crying out for 2 days before anything was done. There were many complaints from locals about the incident.

Though this is a small community, similar to Los Alamos, where they recently passed a similar resolution, other communities are taking notice. Thanks James, Therese and everyone else who stepped up to the plate and attended the meeting to help pass this resolution.

New Mexico Village of Jimenez Spring banning of traps


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