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Choking to Death II: Taxpayer Dollars, Snares and Pets

The Canadian wolf trapping industry has long said neck snares are humane killing devices, but the science says otherwise. Why is the neck snare not included under the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards that Canada signed onto in 1999? And why have governments ignored scientists’ call for a ban on these killing devices? Professional wildlife photographer and conservation advocate John E. Marriott takes you into the bush onto a Canadian trapline and reveals the startling reality behind neck snares, showing you firsthand how they are not humane or efficient at killing our wild wolves and other canids like coyotes and red foxes.

This controversial episode of EXPOSED expands on our look into the incredibly cruel and inhumane practice of snaring — diving deeper into trapping’s direct impact on wolves, family pets, and perhaps surprisingly, to your wallet.

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EXPOSED with John E. Marriott