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Dog caught in Conibear – Riverside, Wyoming

“We own a campground in Riverside, Wyoming on the Encampment River. We could hear a dog screaming in pain and it took us about half an hour to locate the cries. We found the dog caught in a Conibear body grip trap on the other side of the river approx. a quarter-mile from our campground. It was on private property, but the property is only used seasonally and we know the owners. The owners later stated they never gave permission for anyone to trap on their land. The dog was alive. We called the local trapper we knew and he came to help get the dog out, destroying the trap. The trapper said it was not his trap and he didn’t know who it belonged to. We also called our local game warden and he inspected the trap and the placement and he also did not know who it belonged to. It was unmarked in any way. The dog belonged to a local couple who had been directly across from where the trap was in our town park. The dog must have crossed the river. Though they weren’t on public land, they had been in a public town park and the trap had been placed illegally on private land.”

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