Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Virtual Trap Release Workshop Featuring Dave Pauli of the Humane Society of the U.S.

What you learn in this workshop may save your pet’s life.

Believe it or not, traps are allowed on almost all trails and public lands
across Wyoming. What you learn in this workshop may save your pet’s life.

With furbearer trapping season starting October 1st, the Wyoming Untrapped (WU) team is happy to announce that our highly requested Trap Release Workshop will be offered once again this year. In response to recent COVID-19 safety concerns, WU has worked diligently to offer this workshop virtually so that our communities will be safe, prepared, and educated this trapping season.

A properly set trap is very difficult to see and most are baited. In Wyoming, it is legal for trappers to set an unlimited number of traps on public lands, including on popular, heavily used hiking trails. Trapped pets may have only minutes to live once caught. More than 80 dogs have been reported trapped and 10 have been reported killed in Wyoming since 2000. Trappers are not required to report trapped pets and in the wake of the trapping incident, pet owners may choose not to report as well. We fear the true numbers are much higher.

This workshop was made possible through the generosity of our supporters, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Old Bill’s Fun Run, and caring individual donors all over the country. We are grateful for every single one of you.