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Wanted in Wyoming – The Rare Fisher

The rare mustelid (fisher), hasn’t been verified in Wyoming in decades, officials say.  But Wyoming Untrapped believes fisher are out there but not being reported.

“The fisher, a weasel-like small carnivore, will soon be examined by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a potentially threatened species in the Northern Rockies. Federal and state managers are grappling over whether the species is native to Wyoming.”

“The last confirmed Wyoming occurrence, Boyd and Walker said, was a specimen trapped in the 1920s on the Beartooth Plateau east of Yellowstone National Park. Before that a fisher pelt was confiscated inside Yellowstone back in the 1890s.”

“In 2014 a Game and Fish employee told the News&Guide that a fisher was caught in trap in the Bighorn Mountains in the 1960s.”

“A list of species “of greatest conservation need” in Wyoming now under revision proposes removing fishers because of their long absence. Under Wyoming statute, however, the species is protected and cannot be trapped in the state.”

If you spot a fisher, alive or not, in a trap or free, past or present or future, please share details and photos. Helpful information includes photos of tracks with a scale for comparison and location coordinates. Send to  info@wyominguntrapped.org or call 307-201-2422.

Read full article:  Missing Fishers to be Considered for Protected List by Mike Koshmrl, JHNews and Guide

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