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Lawsuit Filed to Stop the Use of Deadly M-44’s for Predator Control

“WASHINGTON— Four conservation and animal-welfare groups sued the Trump administration today for failing to protect endangered species from two deadly pesticides used to kill coyotes and other native carnivores.”

“The lawsuit seeks common-sense measures to prevent unintended deaths from Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide used in M-44s—also known as cyanide bombs—which killed an Oregon wolf in February, temporarily blinded a child and killed three family dogs in two separate incidents in Idaho and Wyoming in March alone.”

“The recent tragedies prove current restrictions are failing to ensure people, domestic animals and imperiled wildlife are not at risk from these dangerous and outdated tools,” said Bethany Cotton, wildlife program director for WildEarth Guardians. “With the wide array of nonlethal, effective wildlife conflict management tools available, and the unacceptable threats these poisons pose, it is past time we end the use of cyanide M-44s and Compound 1080.”

Press release from WildEarth Guardians:

Photo: John Fandek

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