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A shift is on the horizon, one step at a time! For three strong years, WU has consistently shared pertinent, up-to-date, science-based information with the public. We have ignited the passion of individuals, organizations, local communities, and encouraged government agencies to achieve meaningful trapping reform and progressive wildlife management. Throughout our growth, education has been a cornerstone of our urgent approach to ensure a future where humans and wild animals thrive living side by side with the creation of effective, lasting, and sustainable solutions that we can all be a part of.

Critical change will require even bigger and braver efforts to manage our wildlife as valued intrinsic animals living on a public landscape free of traps and snares, deadly cyanide bombs, and wildlife killing contests for fun and prizes. We can do this only through the commitment and support of our community and state.

WU continues to grow at a fast pace. We need additional staff, volunteers, and your voice in the months ahead! Please consider investing in Wyoming Untrapped and our Wyoming wildlife through the 21st Anniversary of Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. Join us on our journey beyond conventional conservation to move trapping reform forward and to value and respect all of Wyoming wildlife of every size, large and small.

As always, we are grateful for your support: past, present and future.

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*** Photography has the power to shift our understanding of our wild Wyoming to build a healthy and thriving ecosystem that benefits the lives of everyone. THANK YOU to the photographers, videographers and individuals for graciously sharing high quality Wyoming wildlife and landscape images for our visual content needs.

Photo: Wyoming American Marten by Tim Auer Thank you Tim!

Eye to Eye: American Marten
Yellowstone National Park
American Marten, near Norris Junction.
Look closely into this marten’s eyes, you can clearly see the forest scene before it reflected there.
A wildlife photographer must always be prepared for potential subjects. This photo was a result of this preparation, and a bit of luck. While stopping for a break while snowmobiling through the park, this marten chose to pay me a visit.
A curious and playful species, it is not an easy animal to photograph.  It moves quick and can vanish as quickly as it appeared. Fortunately, I had an optimal set-up already on my camera 600mm+1.4 extender.  I kept this camera+lens on my lap all day while driving the snowmobile, and, given the size of this kit, is no easy task.  But having it available for the few seconds the marten was in sight, made this shot possible. My dad was first to spot it, and I was quick to follow. The marten bounded with ease through the 4 ft/1.5m deep powder snow and appeared to play peek-a-boo from behind trees, while I post-holed and kept my lens barrel above my head to keep snow out. It was not easy to get into shooting position with such deep snow, it was exhausting. But when I was crouched deep in the snow, at eye level with the marten, as flakes of powder snow fell softly, I clicked this sharp result.
Tim Auer

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