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A Fairy Tale

Baddie, the Wolf

…The current hysteria about wolves “says nothing about wolves and a lot about human nature,” as stated in a recent N.Y. Times article about “Baddie” wolves in Germany.

Lauren Muller writes this eloquent, stirring and impactful response from the Baddie’s perspective:

“I have been described as big and bad. To my pups, I am beautiful. I met the girl in the red hoodie. I called on the three little pigs in their dens of straw, mud, and brick. I was pursued by the boy Peter with his grandfather from a family of hunters and sheriffs. I am often hungry. I am not interested in little girls, little boys, their grandparents, or the zoo. I do enjoy pork and duck. I avoid leashes, kennels, and guns. I am always on the move.  I migrate through the forest, ranches, and other borderlands. I believe in miracles. I asked the little girl to share her basket. She needed glasses. She thought I was her grandmother. I played along. My own grandmother was ailing and scrawny, like a coyote. I took the venison sandwiches. I left the deviled eggs and cookies. Peter had a toy taser. The hunters had rifles. I didn’t need a gun to abscond with two pigs and their hairy chinny, chin, chins. They were being fattened up for market, although they didn’t know it. I left the third pig alone. In my tale, I take only what is necessary. My family belongs to the bushy tail gang. Listen as we croon with the moon. Our noses are clean. This is our happily ever after.”

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