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Dog Trapping Incident: Story and Asha | Wilson, WY | November 2012

Trap Incident Investigation Report
Date Occurred: November 22, 2012
Location: Fall Creek Road near Wilson, WY
Victim Species: Domestic Dog
Victim Names: Story and Asha
Owner Names: Nancy Stevenson and April North
Victim Outcome: Lived, Injured
Trap Type: Snare and Leghold
Trap Legality: Illegal, Quick-kill Within 30 Feet of Road
Legal Outcome:  Harold Buckner, 51, and Richard Permann, 48, pleaded guilty to a combined four high misdemeanor charges related to the traps. Permann was fined $1,500 and put on 3 years probation. Buckner spent 5 days in jail and had trapping privileges suspended for 6 years.

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