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The following message sent by Rob Hallman, a trapper, to our friends at Protect Our Wildlife reveals the truth about trapping that trappers don’t want us to know.  The fact is that trapping is not a responsible method of wildlife management and leads to thousands of non-target catches every year.  More and more stories are being revealed about the suffering of animals caught by traps.  Trapping is cruel, inhumane, and not acceptable in the 21st Century.  The information and videos that are produced by the trappers associations don’t show this part of trapping.  One even claims that the animals just go to sleep when they are caught by a trap.

Due to the increasing awareness of our pets and wildlife being killed and injured as a result of indiscriminate trapping, the public is finally standing up and speaking out about trapping reform.  It is time for Wyoming to require mandatory reporting for all animals trapped, both target and non-target.  We need to know how many animals are being caught in traps, where they are being caught and when.  Wyoming Untrapped will continue to push for these reforms in our state and will encourage everyone to do the same.

Please contact your local legislative representatives and let them know that you want trapping regulation reform to end indiscriminate trapping that has no scientific foundation.  It’s time!

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