Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Eagle in Utah Victim of Trap

Another trapping incident of non-target wildlife out of the small town of Loa, Wayne County, Utah.

Missing an entire foot from a trapping incident, this eagle will probably not survive due to infection and starvation. Indiscriminate traps can affect every single wild and domestic animal on our public lands. We know too much to accept this “management tool” which does nothing more than destroy and cause irreparable harm and injury to our wild and domestic animals.

Traps are indiscriminate in what they catch and kill.  With all the different species that are caught in traps, including domestic pets, more restrictions need to be in place to minimize the threat.  Our wildlife are being subjected to trapping that is banned in over 80 countries around the world.  It’s time for our wildlife management agencies to do the right thing and reform trapping regulations to prevent further harm to wildlife and pets.

Photo courtesy of Rick & Laurie Kline. Thank you!

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