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TAKE ACTION: Wyoming Wildlife Services Draft Environmental Assessment


WILDLIFE ENTHUSIASTS, your comments are urgently needed.
An Environmental Assessment (EA) is being conducted on Wildlife Services (WS) for continued predator control management in Wyoming. Wildlife is managed as a public trust resource, and wildlife management on public lands must address multiple and diverse interests held by the public. Wyoming Untrapped is reaching out to our supporters, requesting comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Below are talking points you can use to inform your comments. Please take the time to write to the USDA. They need to hear from you by Friday Dec 16 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

WU will continue to follow the progress of this Draft Environmental Assessment and keep you informed.

We finish with a single quote which I think sums up how the majority of Wyoming citizens feel about predators:  “If there is one lesson that comes through strongly in the tortured history of predator control – and all resource management, for that matter – it is that the day of single-value management is gone.  To hikers, campers, back-packers, and numerous groups of nature lovers, they (predatory animals) are as much a part of the variety and beauty of the American Outdoors as pine trees, lakes, red squirrels, and deer.”
       – Frederick H. Wagner.  January 1975.  Journal of Range Management

Talking Points:

. End all use of M-44s (cyanide loaded canisters) on public lands – they were just banned in Idaho and aren’t any safer in Wyoming.
. Discontinue the dangerous practice of aerial gunning, especially following the recent death of a Wildlife Services employee in a plane crash on December 7th, one of many tragic accidents involving aerial gunning of wildlife.
. Predators should not be killed to artificially boost ungulate (hoofed mammals) populations, this is not sound scientific wildlife management.
. The use of snares, leghold traps and Conibears on public lands should be discontinued. Live, box traps should be used only when absolutely necessary and MUST be checked every 24 hours.
. This EA does not adequately prove that responsibilities to multiple public interests are being met.
. Discontinue the use of DRC-1339 avicide on all bird species.
. Discontinue predator damage management in wilderness areas or wilderness study areas.
. Decisions should be based on the most current science available, not studies that were conducted more than 25 years ago.
. In conclusion: An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should be completed on Wildlife Services activities in Wyoming to determine the true impact of WS on Wyoming’s wildlife (especially predators) and the environment.

Predator Damage and Conflict Management in Wyoming: Draft EA:


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. Plan would continue with full array of lethal and nonlethal methods in Wyoming program.
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