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“Grit”, caught in leghold trap, Lander, WY, December 9, 2022


A Good Samaritan contacted the Lander Pet Connection (LPC) on Friday, 12/9/22; she was in tears about a dog whose front paw was “hanging by a thread.” The dog was found on Plunkett and 17-mile road in Lander, 42.952640, -108.723436 near the Wind River Reservation. He appeared to belong to a property nearby, and after contacting the suspected owner, the finder was permitted to keep this injured dog. The previous owner wasn’t planning on treating the wound and surrendered the animal to the finder. With the surrendered animal, the woman rushed to the LPC, where he was taken to the animal hospital for medical care.

Dr. Kennedy at Lander Valley Animal Hospital immediately suspected that Grit had been a victim of a leg hold trap and had been stuck for a minimum of 4 days due to his body condition and other clues. Grit gnawed and twisted his way out of the trap, and the paw was hanging by tendons by the time he got free.

Grit is now with the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY, where they will treat him and find him a wonderful home.

Please help us keep track of nontarget trapping by reporting incidents on our website, and stay safe while recreating on public lands by knowing how to safely release a pet from a trap or snare. Always carry a snare cutter tool!





Grit’s new name is DOUG, given to him by his adopted forever parents, Dawn and Patrick!

“Good news that he’ll live happily ever after with me and Patrick! His name is Doug now and I adopted him today (Jan 10, 2022) … Just happy his story ends well.” Dawn Webster


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