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GIVEAWAY – Eager, a book celebrating nature’s engineers, the beaver.

Wyoming Untrapped Giveaways

We are celebrating some of the important work we have completed this summer with three Wyoming Untrapped Giveaways over the next three weeks. Each week will feature a Wyoming Untrapped (WU) program and a corresponding giveaway in appreciation of our community’s support. 

This week we are launching our first giveaway featuring our beaver coexistence work. The Wyoming Untrapped team has assisted landowners and agency partners with nonlethal solutions to beaver conflicts. Yesterday we installed three culvert fences in the Rafter J Subdivision, where beavers were damming road culverts and causing unwanted flooding. These fences will allow the community to live with beavers by deterring them from damming these structures and alleviating flooding. To celebrate this project and coexistence efforts we will give away a signed copy of Eager, a pageturner book by Ben Goldfarb detailing the history and importance of beavers in our ecosystems. Don’t miss your chance to win this powerful book about one of the world’s most influential species.

Learn more about the importance of beavers on the landscape and WU’s work highlighting how important this species is for biodiversity and environmental health. 

How it works:

Register to win using your email address below. Each registrant can gain additional entries by visiting Wyoming Untrapped on social media or joining our newsletter. Track your entries using the Time and Entry Tracker above each giveaway.


Registration for this giveaway will open at midnight (12 am) on August 31st, and end at 11:59 pm on September 2nd. Winners will be selected at random and will be contacted using the email address provided.


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