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Old Bill’s Fun Run Fundraiser – September 10, 2022

The giving period for Old Bill’s Fun Run 2022 is now open!  August 12 – September 16 at 5pm


One of the most innovative philanthropic initiatives in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful. Twenty-five years ago, a generous couple, fondly known as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, envisioned a collaborative initiative to support local nonprofits. For the first time, organizations came together in an efficient, unified fundraiser that raised awareness of local nonprofits and community needs.

Since its inception, Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $208 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts, and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.


Old Bill's Fun Run 2022 Route Map

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