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Cyanide Bomb Kills Two Casper Dogs

Each day we are learning more about M-44s on public lands in Wyoming. Most concerning is that the USDA and Wildlife Services does not know exactly how many M-44s are set at a given time in Wyoming. Equally concerning is that a member of the general public can place these deadly devices with only a 3-hour training course. It would stand to reason that only a certified applicator with extensive training would be allowed to handle and place such a lethal device.

“Producers can, and should, use other means of protecting livestock, said Erik Molvar, executive director of Western Watersheds Project. They could hire a herder to stay with animals, use electric fences to keep predators out of grazing areas and rely on other animals, like llamas to guard sheep, or even consider certain breeds of livestock that are more resistant to predators, Molvar said.”

“If cowboys actually rode horses and stayed with their cattle the way they used to in the old days, none of this would be a problem,” he said.

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) introduced legislation Thursday to ban the use of sodium cyanide for predator control. House Resolution 187 is called the Chemicals Poisons Reduction Act of 2017. A news release from DeFazio’s office cited the deaths of dogs in Wyoming as a recent example of the dangers of M-44s — Ed.


Read full article: Cyanide Bomb Kills Two Casper Dogs by Kelsey Dayton, WyoFile.

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