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Dog On A Leash Caught in a Leghold Trap

ALERT – LANDER!  Dog on a leash caught in a leghold just off the trail.

WU received a notification late Sunday evening, 10.28.18 about a dog trapping incident. “Rae”, a dog owned by Kristy Jones, was caught in a leghold trap just off Bunker Road on BLM land, a popular area for mountain bikers, runners and dog walkers. There were no signs or indication that traps were in the area. Not knowing what to do, Kristy and a friend were finally able to use a walking stick to open the trap enough to release Rae’s leg. Her leg was cut and swollen, and both dog owners were bitten while trying to release her.

It is unknown if the traps are legally ID’d and legally placed. We will follow through as this incident is investigated.

Please report any pet trapping incidents to:


Please download our Pet Release Brochure and know what to do if this happens to you. Know before you go!

Watch our Trap Release Video – 11 minutes:…/how-to-release-your-pet-from-a-trap/

Photo: “Rae’s” swollen injured leg caught in a leghold trap, by owner Kristy Jones.





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