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“Roswell” Caught in Leghold Trap on Idaho/Wyoming Border

Darby Canyon, on the Wyoming/Idaho border

A dog trapping incident was reported on November 12, 2019 on the west side of the Wyoming Tetons outside of Driggs, our neighboring town. “Roswell” was caught in a leghold trap near the parking lot/cattle guard at the entry to Darby Canyon on the Idaho/Wyoming border.  As reported by Wyoming Game Warden, Kyle Lash, the incident was located in Idaho, 34 feet from the Wyoming border on private land.

We are happy to report that Roswell is doing well after receiving medical treatment. Roswell’s dog walker was bitten several times during the trap release incident and is improving. Our hearts go out to Roswell, his family and friends.

Latest news from the dog owner 11/13/19 from Natalie E Tanaka:
“This incident involved my dog. A friend was walking him and others. They came across a traumatized fox in a trap and while the dogs were investigating, another trap got my dog. The location is heavily used by the public and very close to the trail. My friend tried to extract my dog, but he was in panic mode and bit her several times. She was able to call the sheriff’s office and a very helpful officer came out quickly. He wasn’t able to initially spring the trap and had to call for backup. The dog had been in the trap for about 45 minutes at this point. Finally, they were able to get the trap open and the dog went to our wonderful vet. Unbelievably nothing was broken and he only has soft tissue damage. He will be okay. Sadly the poor fox will not fare as well, nor will my friend. She is still mentally shaken by the experience, has multiple puncture wounds, and is on gut wrecking antibiotics.
I appreciate the assistance of all of those who helped. I’m thankful my pup will be okay. I understand rural life. However, I don’t believe in the inhumane treatment of animals. Traps are nasty, excruciatingly painful, and slow. The tortured animal has to be in pain for days before humans are legally required to go see what’s in the trap. We can do better than this barbaric practice.
As a result of a seemingly simple Saturday afternoon stroll, my friend has an after-hours doctor bill, I have an emergency vet bill, and the fox paid a far greater price.”

Trapping is legal almost anywhere you can walk your dog on public and private land. Wyoming Untrapped advocates for trapping reform and we need your help. For more information and ways that you can get involved, please visit our website where you can download a trap-release brochure: Untrap Your Pet.  See the trapping incident database for more details: Trapping Incident Database. 

If you see or experience a trapping incident, please contact
Wyoming Untrapped 307-201-2422, and
Wyoming Game and Fish 307-777-4600, Kyle Lash: WGFD contact.
Idaho Fish and Game (208) 525-7290, Rob Howe: Teton Valley, ID contact.

Know what to do if your dog is caught in a trap or snare!
Download our Trap Safety for Pet Owners brochure to your smartphone:
Untrap Your Pet.

Watch our Pet Trap Release Video, 11 minutes with instructor Dave Pauli:
How to Release Your Pet From a Trap

Consider calling your Fish and Game Commissioner, and the Regional Office to voice your concerns/complaints

Upper Snake Region
4279 Commerce Circle
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Rob Howe is the Teton Valley contact:
P: (208) 525-7290

Headquarters Office
Mailing: P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707
Street: 600 S. Walnut, Boise, ID 83712
P: (208) 334-3700

Relay: 1-800-368-6185 (TDD)

Call your Commissioner for your region:
In this case: Derrick Attebury

**Photo by “Roswell’s” Mom, Natalie Tanaka

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