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2 Juab County Men Sentenced for Illegal Trapping

DWR conservation officers began investigating the illegal trapping activities of two Juab County men during the winter of 2014-2015. The men, identified as Taw Jackman and Clayton Sperry, were observed trapping in a remote area of San Juan County and investigators documented the illegal taking of bobcat, gray fox and badgers, DWR said.

Jackman was charged in connection with 53 trapping violations, and Sperry was charged in connection with 34 trapping violations, including wanton destruction of wildlife. Both men reached plea agreements after they pleaded guilty to five counts of wanton destruction of protected wildlife and three counts of unlawful taking of protected wildlife, DWR said. Both men face losing their trapping privileges for up to 24 years and received fines of more than $3,600.

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