Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Another dog trapped in Wyoming!









Another dog trapped in Wyoming!

On Christmas eve 2018 a Laramie resident was on his way to visit family when he let his dog out for a break in Sybille Canyon.

“My dog was only 3 feet away from me when she was caught in the trap. She was panicked, howling and writhing in pain. I attempted to free her but was unable to do so and was seriously bitten in the process. I was alone and there was no cell reception for miles. After several failed attempts to locate someone nearby, I finally found someone to help me free the dog. She was unable to walk to the car and had to be carried. My hands were seriously injured and I was covered in blood. I drove back to Laramie, found a vet who was on emergency duty, and was grateful to find out that my dog had no broken bones, only bruising and swelling at the site where the trap clamped on her leg. The vet on duty insisted that I go to urgent care to have my wounds treated, which I did. This entire process took over 6 hours and cost me nearly $400 in vet and medical fees. I also missed my family’s Christmas Eve celebration. I contacted Game and Fish on December 26 and was told that someone would look into the incident to determine if the trap was set legally. I’ve yet to hear back.”

Stories like this happen throughout the year in Wyoming and we believe that all users of public land deserve to be safe while enjoying all that the land has to offer.

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