Wyoming Untrapped

Appreciating the Place of the Beaver, Which Fascinates and Frustrates

 Hiking the Border Route Trail near Grand Marais in October 2015, Mike Burville happened upon a makeshift section of trail broken by other hikers.  It was a backcountry detour of sorts to steer clear of a new water project.
Freshly felled trees marked the rugged landscape as water began to pool, thanks to the toothy handy work of nature’s most industrious civil engineer – castor canadensis, aka the beaver.
“It’s pretty rare to see a beaver on land, but I saw one dragging a branch to the main water flow,” said Burville, an avid backcountry hiker from Farmington.  “I watched for a while, but when he saw me, he bailed into the water and slapped his tail at me.”

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