Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Article: Trapped in a faulty human/animal divide

Full article at the Hamilton Spectator

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What Michael and APFA don’t want is a return to the trapping as a way to deal with beaver nuisance. The Hamilton Conservation Authority ceased the activity after a woman found two traps, one with a dead muskrat; she called the trapping barbaric.

Michael took me to where the traps were set, near the trout pond, within sight of picnic benches. 

“In Canada, more and more, pets get caught in such traps. They’re not humane,” though purported to be. 

Some “kill” traps promise humanely instant death or unconsciousness within 300 seconds.

“Three-hundred seconds is five minutes,” says Michael. 

These traps have instant kill potential because they’re powered by two torsion spring mechanisms that create a crushing, scissorslike force against the animal’s neck.

“Humane? Five minutes? Would you want your pet put down that way?” 




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