Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Bald Eagle Caught in a Leghold Trap

Bald eagles, golden eagles, falcons, owls, and other birds and raptors get caught in leghold traps.  Most of them probably don’t survive. Trappers are required to check their leghold traps only every 72 hours, so you can imagine the cruel pain, fear, hunger and thirst that these birds must experience, if they survive at all. In Wyoming, all non-target wildlife, including game birds or protected birds that are trapped shall be released unharmed. It’s up to the trapper to determine if they are unharmed. WGFD does not keep a record of these non-target incidents. If a game bird or protected raptor caught has been injured to the extent that the injury may result in death of the animal or if the animal has been killed, the trapper shall immediately notify a Wyoming Game and Fish Department law enforcement officer. The more we learn about our antiquated and cruel trapping regulations, the more we realize it’s time to create a safe and humane environment for our people, pets and wildlife by reforming Wyoming’s trapping regulations.

Leghold Owl caught in trap shared by Footloose Montana Oct 26 2013             Foothold - Falcon Trap-Free-Oregon

Rescue and Rehabilitation – Teton Raptor Center (Wilson, WY) takes in injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey year-round, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation in an effort to return raptors to the wild.

If you find an injured raptor, please call the Injured Raptor Line: 307.200.6019.

Please support and LIKE the Teton Raptor Center (Wilson, WY). Thank you.

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