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Coyote Killing Contest Scheduled for Dec 3

Big Piney, WYOMING – “Big Dog Little Dog” Coyote Killing Derby

The Big Piney Gun Club is hosting a coyote killing contest Saturday Dec 3. Registration 7 p.m. Friday at the Marbleton Town Hall in Big Piney. Killing to start Saturday at daybreak, ending at dark. All dogs must be presented by 7 p.m.

Prize money for “Overall Most Coyotes,” “Little Dog,” and “Big Dog.”

Coyotes that are “ran” over will not be accepted.

Contest Contact Mike Goldthrite 307-231-4497
Marbleton Town Hall 307-276-3815
County Commission – County Clerk 307-367-4372
Sublette County Chamber of Commerce (Pinedale)
307-367-2242 or 1-888-285-7282
Big Piney Town Hall
Email Dawn Ballou, Editor of Pinedale Online News Source who has advertised previous coyote killing contests at or

Please be respectful if you call. Simply let them know that you feel this is an egregious practice and needs to be stopped. Be sure to also let them know how this may affect businesses and the economy in Sublette County.

These senseless predator killing contests which occur across the state are often called coyote calling contests, predator hunts, or varmint hunts. Wyoming Untrapped believes these events are not hunting, they are a blood sport. It’s time to say NO MORE to these wildlife killing contests.

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To report trapping incidents or predator killing contests, please call 307-201-2422, or email

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