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Dog Caught in Leghold Trap, Pinedale, Wyoming


Meeka was caught in a trap at Fremont Lake near Pinedale, Wyoming. Dan and Mary Abernathy were hiking with “Meeks”, a well mannered pet that never gets out of sight, and never chases animals. Don heard a yelp near some big boulders and found her caught in a leghold trap set for bobcats with a rabbit hanging in a tree as bait. He was able to release the trap, pull the tagged trap and take it to the local Wyoming Game and Fish Department office The warden determined it was a legal trap and within the law, but called the trapper to recommend staying out of the common area used by the public.

This incident happened two years ago, but could happen today.
No agency keeps track of reports of dogs caught in traps, and trappers are not required to report. Our incident database on our website is a much-needed record of these incidents. As awareness has increased, WU is learning of more cases where dogs were trapped but the owner had no recourse or engaged officials to report it to.

Please call or email WU to report any trapping incidents, with date, time, location (GPS if possible), type of trap, and photographs. We’ll share your story to alert the public of the danger in the area. Your name can remain anonymous. Thank you!


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