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Dog Trapped In Helena, Montana


WU received a notification of a dog-trapping incident near Helena, Montana. The dog owner was walking with his bird-hunting dog outside of the Helena area on BLM land on Dec 19. His dog was only 40m away when it stepped into a coyote trap (leghold trap). The dog was scared but not hurt after being released quickly from the trap since the owner knew what to do. It was a first time one of his dogs has been caught in a trap. It was upsetting at the time, and he left the trapper a note saying what happened to the set and that hunters with bird dogs were out in that kind of habitat until Jan 1.

“If folks decide to trap, they need to be a bit extra cautious and proactive to help reduce this type of conflict. Pet owners love their pets and are protective of them.”

Although MT trapping regulations prohibit traps on major trails or roads, some roads such as the the pipeline right-of-way require the public to be on special alert if they are in those types of areas with their off-leash dogs. This trapping incident was 1-2 miles from a rural housing development.

Unfortunately, traps are legal on most public lands which causes conflict with other recreational activities.…/releasing-a-dog-from-a-foot-hold-trap/

Call 1-800-847-6668 or contact the nearest Game Warden or Fish, Wildlife & Parks office as soon as possible. This toll-free number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trained staff will take your call, receive the information you supply, and immediately pass it on to the nearest warden or agency with jurisdiction. All calls are important, however, calls concerning violations in progress increase the chances of violators being caught and convicted.

If it does not require immediate attention, you may also report the violation online.

Whether you call TIP-MONT, the nearest warden, or submit the violation online, unless you state otherwise you can be assured of complete confidentiality or anonymity.

Please know what to do if your pet is caught in a trap.
Download our Pet Trap Safety Brochure.


Please report any trapping incidents to your local G&F office, and notify WU at or 307-201-2422

Visit our website Take Action page.

Call your Game Commissioners and politely and respectfully ask for trapping regulation reform.

Call your legislators and politely and respectfully ask for trapping regulation reform.

Call the Wyoming Game and Fish Director.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Office of the Director
5400 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82006
Ph: (307) 777-4600
Fax: (307) 777-4699

Share our Pet Trap Safety Brochure and Traps and Trails Don’t Mix Brochures.

Photo: Similar short-haired pointer hunting dog

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