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Dog Caught in Leghold near Dubois, WY

“My dog, Chia, was caught in a leg trap at the campsites that are next to the pullout roads going into the Torrey Lake trailhead, 3 miles east of Dubois off the Ring Lakes road. Coordinates are 43 degrees 25′ 27.98″ N 109 degrees 33 ‘59.36” W. The trap was IN the camping site, probably about 10 feet from the fire ring, just at the base of the slope going down into the campsite. The dog was frantic and crying out horribly, and now is limping a bit, but not injured. I couldn’t read the number on the tag, so I took the trap in order to report it as illegal, and flagged down a game warden (Brian Baker), and showed him the site, the photo of the dog trapped. He was able to clean up the tag and get a number. This is a campsite I’ve winter camped in for years. I also checked up the creek where I’ve seen some similar type trap settings before and saw where a couple had been set, but there weren’t any traps there. This second spot is just west of the corrals that are south of the trailhead, just where the creek empties out from Torrey Falls. The approximate coordinates where these second sites are: 43 degrees 25’23.24″ N 109 degrees 34’21.85″W, just beyond the fire pit at end of the road, probably within 15 feet of that campsite. These are well-used campsites.”

There are NO trap setbacks off campgrounds or trailheads. Trapping regulations are archaic and inadequate for modern times.

There have been several dog trapping incidents reported this season, and more are coming in. This dog was lucky. Please know what to do if your pet is trapped…and then take action.

Meanwhile, non-target animals continue to get injured or die senselessly while our wildlife management leadership fails to respond to the 99.5% who are requesting a sensible change. Until we can find solutions, we offer ways to protect people, pets and wildlife out in the field.



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