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Eight-year Old Golden Retriever Killed by Trap in Ontario

ONTARIO, CANADA — Tanner, an eight-year old Golden Retriever, was killed in December in a Conibear trap. The incident occurred almost two years to the day that another dog was killed by a Conibear trap in the same area. His owner, Krista Godbout, is now on a mission to reform trapping laws in the area to protect other pets from the same fate.

“Over the sound of her ATV and through her helmet, Godbout says she could hear Tanner screaming, his yelps echoing about five metres from the trail. She ran to his side to find Tanner lying motionless. “I knelt down and touched him and he started flopping around,” recalls Godbout. Godbout frantically searched for a release mechanism on the large Conibear trap, but found nothing.”

“All she could do was sit and watch her eight-year-old Golden Retriever, a dog she had since he was a pup, gasp for air until he died.”

“I lost my best friend that day.”

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