Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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End Cruel Trapping on Our Public Lands

The U.S. system of national forests and wildlife refuges is an incredible collection of public spaces that are home to endangered animals and plants and a delight for people to visit. But you’d be surprised what’s still allowed in these protected places. They should be a safe haven, but the widespread use of traps continues to put wildlife, pets and people at risk.

Government trappers target predators in misguided efforts to protect livestock, and for-profit trappers kill foxes, mink and other animals for their fur. Too often traps are set near trails and in areas where people and pets can get hurt.

Jawed traps slam shut with bone-crushing force, while cruel neck snares lead to immense suffering. These indiscriminate devices kill and injure all kinds of animals, including endangered species, and have no place on our public lands.

Act now to urge your representative in Congress to cosponsor new legislation that would at last ban nearly all trapping across a vast network of federally run lands.



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