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Golden Eagle Caught in Leghold Trap, Rock Springs, WY


Wyoming trapping incident reports continue to roll in.

A golden eagle was recently caught in a leghold trap set for a bobcat just south of Rock Springs. The trapper found the eagle and called WGFD Game Warden Andy Roosa (307-350-4204) who responded immediately to the non-target trapping. The eagle had abrasions on the leg, but we don’t know how long it was trapped. Roosa delivered the eagle to Mountainaire Animal Clinic where it was anesthetized in order to xray the leg for broken bones. The abrasions were treated and the eagle turned over to WGFD until it was able to be released. Roosa took care of the eagle til later in the day, when it was released into the wild.

Will this golden eagle survive? We don’t know, but we appreciate that WGFD and Andy Roosa responded to the call and assisted in its treatment.

We believe that tens of thousands of non-target animals are trapped each year. Many are injured beyond recovery once released. With a trap-check of 72 hours, the longer it remains in the trap, the worse the outlook for its survival.

**** Along with other trapping reform, WU is recommending that Wyoming adopt a regulation change which would require that all traps and snares be checked at least once every 24 hours. We believe that such a rule would help reduce injuries sustained by animals in traps and snares, and increase survival rates for those animals caught unintentionally. And we asked that it be applied to all traps and snares because even those designed to kill instantly do not always do so.

Thanks to Mountainare Animal Clinic for treating the golden eagle.

Photo: Skye Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (this is not the WY Golden Eagle)

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